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When opening our business we did so with several goals in mind. 

The first goal was to ensure that our customers were satisfied with the service we provide them. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal and it shows in the hundreds of clients who have referred us to their friends and family. We understand that it is our relationship with the client that allows our company to be successful.

The second goal was to provide clientele with a safe and secure environment for their items. To accomplish this we installed tall fencing around our properties perimeter with restricted entry systems that require the correct code or key card in order to gain access. To compliment that system we also incorporated a state of the art cloud based surveillance system at all of our locations. These systems record constantly and store their content safely in the cloud.

The third goal was to provide our clientele with a clean and orderly environment to store their belongings. Our employees monitor our facilities daily in order to ensure they stay clear of any trash which may invite any unwanted pests. Because of this we can be proud to display our units to prospective customers knowing that what they will find is a well maintained and clean environment.

1550 Gratiot Location Main Building

About Us

Each of our locations include: 

  • Easy, secure access so you can get your items when you need them. 

  •  Affordable, competitive pricing offering the best value of any storage facilities in southeast Michigan.

  • Card readers and trusted owners watching locations via security cameras. 

  • We treat you like family and guard your possessions the way trusted friends would.

  • Questions? We can help. We've helped many families and small business owners solve their storage needs.  

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